The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a place of empowerment, not only for the children but also for every team player. 

The teachers: Our philosophy is that every child is unique in their own way, and therefore should be attended to and treated in a unique way for every child. 

Our Vision: Just like our congregating is firm in believing in Vision 5000, we in the Learning Center, along with the whole team of teachers are believing in Vision 3000. We believe that we will see a learning center empowering 3000 children of different race, language and culture, just like it is in heaven. 

Our Mission: To introduce the new generation to know the loving Father that created them, the one who sent his Son to die for them, and the one who has a much greater plan for them than their own. To make sure that every child comes out of Learning Center every Sunday with healed heart, free and filled of the Holy Spirit. We hope that when the kids finish their time in the learning center and they have to make their own decisions, that they continue to choose to love Jesus above all things. The team of teacher in the Learning Center works to learn more about child development, working with parents, being better leaders in the secular education, and how to serve the children in better ways. We make sure that we continue to grow. Proverbs 22:6


Extraordinary Woman

We call it Extraordinary Woman because we believe we were created in Gods image to be more out of the ordinary. Extraordinary Woman heals, loves, delivers, empowers, guide, and raises up strong women of different language, race, and culture to fight the good fight of faith. Extraordinary Woman imparts faith into the life of the woman in the congregation to exploit to the maximum capacity in everything that they do.  Extraordinary Woman believes that revival is not only for the extraordinary women of her congregation, but also for those who believe this is for them. There is are no limits in God, just those you put yourself.  You have been called for a time like this. Esther 4:14


Father’s House Youth Movement

FHYM’s vision is to reach and teach Gods next generation to be powerful and anointed leaders for His kingdom. FHYM’s mission is to establish and advance the kingdom of God trough the Father’s House Youth Movement in the PNW according to the heart of God and the Vision of the church.


Father’s Arms

A community and every human being regardless of religion, language, race culture or social studies. As a humanitarian organization, our priority is to improve the quality of life of individuals impacting them spiritually, socially, environmentally. Through this, we will be an example to future generations- teaching them that everyone is responsible for improving the quality of life. We believe that “being willing to change is the beginning of great change to come”.


Families With Purpose

In families with purpose we believe that the purpose of God for every home is to be fully enriched. We are an organization with the vision to serve our community by enriching homes, transforming generations, and impacting our society one family at a time through diverse resources and services. we believe in the value of family and the intentional work of every member. Our services are based on respect, diversity, faith and change providing different tools that strengthen the family.


CDP Global

CDP Salem: Pastors Archila

CDP Medford: Pastors Martinez 

CDP South Gate: Pastors Montenegro 

CDP Ciudad de Mexico: Pastors Mares

CDP Estado de México: Pastors Alavez

CDP San Jose de Pala Morelos: Pastors Domingues

CDP El Salvador: Pastors Hernandez 

CDP Maui Hawaii: Pastor Chavez

CDP Honduras: Pastor Ayala 

CDP Salt Lake City: Pastors Morales

CDP Calama Chile: Pastor Godoy

CDP The Dalles: Pastors Hernandez 

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